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GrocersPod Supermarket

A virtual platform where students can buy groceries and dorm essentials from local stores near the campus

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GrocersPod Marketplace

For students and staff to buy & sell commodities within the campus community.

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Merrimack College on-boarded GrocersPod in Fall 2020. Merrimack Warriors now have 2 hour access to more than 15,000 grocery and dorm essential products as well as a centralized marketplace of their community right at their finger tips!

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Merrimack College enhances residence life experience

How can GrocersPod help you? 

GrocersPod platform is a tool for Higher Education Institutions to enhance their students on-campus living experience. With GrocersPod technology and operations services, students can have access to everything they need, right at the finger tips and from the comfort of their dorm rooms.

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