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Kitchen for Offices

GP Kitchen is a break room service for your office, specially created for companies with physical office locations, regardless of employee strength.


Everyone needs a break for a moment to socialize and recharge. GP Kitchen allows you to provide great benefits for your employees to make them happier and more productive, at no cost to them. From a quick morning snack to a late afternoon lunch options and everything else in between, we have got your team covered.


We work with you to create a curated food & beverage menu for your team. With our diverse product brochure, together we determine whats best for you.

We set up your break room to meet the needs of your team. An ergonomic break room design and healthy eating options, helps your team make the most out of their working hours.

We re-stock your break room with timely site visits by our associates. Allowing us to keep your break room fully equipped, takes on more task off your table.

Using a data driven approach and your teams feedback, we learn and revise the menu for your break room, allowing your team to get what they want.

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Why having GrocersPod at your office works best for you?
  • A vibrant workspace and easy food benefits defines your culture and helps you to attract and retain the best talent in your industry

  • Having an in house no cost break room eliminates the need for your team to go off campus for a quick snack or coffee

  • There is no one size fits all! Having something that everyone likes can be difficult, but a curated menu with a wide variety of food & beverage items will always have something for everyone.

  • Auto restocking by our team helps take one more responsibility from your shoulders

  • Our data driven approach to regularly refresh your break room menu gives your team something new to look for every time they take a break

  • On a budget? No problem, our team works with you to draft a budget for your no cost break room and maintain that budget as long as you need us. Goodbye to all the surprise expenses

  • A dedicated account manager for your company makes sure your suggestions and concerns are acted upon. A single point of contact for all your needs

  • A one stop shop for all your break room needs

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