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Merrimack College enhances residence life experience

Why GrocersPod?

Merrimack College, located in North Andover, Massachusetts, has approximately 4,015 undergraduate and 956 graduate student enrollment with about 71% of student population living on-campus (college-owned or operated or affiliated housing).


Although conveniently located in the suburbs of Massachusetts, Merrimack College students were facing an everyday challenge to source daily groceries. Without a fully equipped supermarket within the college campus, students often times were utilizing expensive means to fulfill their needs of fresh produce, dorm essentials and groceries while staying on-campus during an active semester.

To solve this problem and to offer their students with an enhanced on-campus living experience, Merrimack College reached out to GrocersPod to on board our GP Supermarket solution.

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How GrocersPod helps Merrimack Warriors!

With GrocersPod mobile application, Merrimack Warriors now have access to more than 15,000 grocery, dorm essential, fresh produce and meat products in addition to having a centralized marketplace to buy & sell anything within their campus community, right at their fingertips.


At Merrimack College, GrocersPod provides 2 hour deliveries from multiple local grocery vendors such as Market Basket and Whole Foods as well as deliveries from specialty vendors such as Richardson's Farms for ice cream cravings and Vitamin Shoppe for students vitamin and supplement needs.

With a centralized marketplace of their own college, students now do not have to rely on fragmented marketplace platforms on the web to look for anything they would need while on-campus. From coursework books to furniture, Merrimack Marketplace has everything for everyone.

Having the ability to utilize campus cash for all transactions on the GrocersPod mobile app, the importance have having Mackbucks has taken a new leap. From paying for groceries with campus cash to buying & selling to other students, GrocersPod has help Merrimack College empower Mackbucks! 

How it works?

With GrocersPod, getting groceries for Merrimack Warrior's is a simple 3 step process!

1. Shop from multiple stores, add your favorite products to your cart and place an order for you preferred pickup time

2. One of our specialized shopper processes your order and transports it to your campus

3. Simply arrive at your selected time and pickup your order

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Lets talk numbers !

Implemented in Fall 2020 semester at Merrimack College, GrocersPod has had a wonderful first year with the Merrimack Warrior's with about:







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